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CDDP/RT vs Cetux/RT: Etudes du Memoriam Soal -Ketterin Cancer Center

1. Etude rétrospective CDDP/RT (n 49) and C225/RT (n 125) in LAHNC* (1)

CDDP/RT was superior for

  - 2-year locoregional failure (5.7% v 39.9%;    P .001),

  - failure-free survival             (87.4% v 44.5%; P .001),

  - OS *                                        (92.8% v 66.6%; P .001).

One criticism of this work was the lack of human papillomavirus (HPV) data; however, when we examined the third of patients (n 62) with available HPV status, our results remained unchanged.

2. Etude rétrospective for LAHNSCC de 11/02 à 04/08 (2)

with concurrent cetuximab (n = 49), 5FU/carboplatin (n = 52), or cisplatin (n = 259) and IMRT. 

Treatment groups were similar with regard to primary tumor site, overall stage, and alcohol and tobacco history.

Cetuximab and 5FU/carboplatin patients were older, with lower performance status, more comorbidities, higher T classification, and worse renal function.

On multivariate analysis, compared with cisplatin and 5FU/carboplatin, cetuximab was associated with inferior  4-year

- OS (86.9% vs. 70.2% vs. 40.9%; P < .0001)

- LRF (6.3% vs. 9.7%  vs. 40.2%; P < .0001).

Late toxicity was highest with 5FU/carboplatin (25.0%) vs. cisplatin (8.0%) vs. cetuximab (7.7%).

1. Should Cetuximab Replace Cisplatin for Definitive Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer

Nadeem Riaz, Eric J. Sherman, Matthew Fury, and Nancy Lee

J Clin Oncol​. 2013 Jan 10;31(2):287-8

2. Efficacy of Concurrent Cetuximab vs. 5-fluorouracil/carboplatin or High-Dose Cisplatin With Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Locally-Advanced Head and Neck Cancer (LAHNSCC)

Lauren Q ShapiroEric J ShermanNadeem RiazJeremy SettonLawrence KoutcherZhigang ZhangWeiji ShiMatthew G FurySuzanne L WoldenDavid G PfisterLuc Morris, Nancy Lee

Oral Oncol. 2014 Oct;50(10):947-55. 

* LAHNC:      Local Advanced Head and Neck Cancer

* LAHNSCC: Local Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

* OS: Overall Survival = survie globale


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